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[NFL] into the pit moment: Lynch open beast mode

2010-11 season, the National League playoffs against the defending champion New Orleans Saints title, while the opposite Seattle Seahawks record is just 7-9, but then because of the weak NL West, but the West has become a national leader, postseason tournament No. 4 seed, so even though the Seahawks sitting wild card round home court advantage, the saints still more to be optimistic about that party.

The year that support the Seahawks are not familiar to many fans, still wearing the old section of the color of shirts, and no boom or burst Wilson corps, but there has been an acquaintance at the end of 2010, cheap jerseys from china Bill Seahawks traded for a running back, he is Xiaoen — Lynch.

Saints will be made in this start outside Kasai Yi advantage, but the Seahawks in a row to get points, but has become the leading party, the points difference is always a gap touchdowns wandering, left in the game 4 minutes 20 seconds left, the Seahawks success defense, then punt the ball back, the home team the ball inside to the running back Lynch, but his first touch was in the place by.

Then, the Seahawks called 17 Power tactics, this is a strong red run tactics, arrange the Seahawks tight end and fullback cover the red ball, which is diametrically opposed to the Saints organization tight defense, in which emphasize one cover the red run tactics, the Seahawks alignment at the time of the kick-off of no advantage.

Lynch in a gap in the public cover of his teammates, first encountered the Saints defender, but Lynch quickly get rid of the grapple, and drilled a former encirclement by three lateral movement.

Rely on the left side of the cover teammate, Lynch continued vigorous sudden, and continuously shake the leg hanging opponent.

Lynch direction to move closer to the right edge of the block up against a straight arm angle guard down to the ground.

Saints have players desperate to pounce on Lynch, but the latter was successful escape.

Before the end zone line, the last Saints player slightly desperately lunged again flashed Lynch, Lynch has been celebrated, he turned back to jump into the end zone, touchdown!

The 67 yards rushing touchdowns to help the Seahawks not only to lay the foundation of victory, made even more unexpected effect: the scene of wild celebrations after the Seahawks fans to witness the feat, jumping bolted forces generated on the ground, so that seismographs to detect nearby to the seismic signal!

Lynch’s nickname is beast mode, his impulse to run to make the fans carnival generate seismic signals, the moments will be named «The Beast earthquake.»

«Beast earthquake» that sort of attack, dodge or get rid of Lynch nine tackles, joining the Seahawks become a rare bright spot in the first season, Lynch since then transformed into the infinite power of the beast mode, but that beast mode on caused fans earthquake, many people instantly became the NFL into the pit.

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