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Jihu coach hopes that the quarter-off guards have made great progress in the second grade season

After finally sent four-dimensional Nick Foles, Jacksonville America is now officially becoming a team of Gardner minShew.

Ming repair is excellent in the life of the life in the rookie season. Now he will formally serve as the team’s first quarter-off in the 2020 season. At the same time, he also assumed a higher expectation than the last season.

«Obviously, we want to see huge progress,» Team coach Doug-Malone said on Tuesday. «We are excited for him. This is a great opportunity. He won’t change his work. He is a hard work. We have to ensure that everyone around him completes the mission and is in high level performance. mission accomplished.»

In the first week of last season, Work was injured after the opening, and wholesale nfl jerseys it was a wonderful offensive manifestation. In the next game, he continued to use excellent play to pay attention to all fans.

Although the medium term of the season is poor and was taken by Falls, it has caused vitality to the Jiracian offensive group. He is good at avoiding the opponent pressure in the quarter-saving protection net and is particularly precisely in the run.

Now the Jenan Tiger needs to make a good grade in the second grade season. Read the opponent defense and understand wholesale nfl jerseys that the intention will be very important to his second grade season. At the same time, in the case of the racing team training, it is necessary to learn the team’s new offensive system.

In the case of Ming Xiu, it was the first quarter-saving in the 2020 season, the Joh Dobbs were only Si Dobbs. Whether they will introduce the third quarter-free, and how to introduce what they will show that they have confidence in Ming Xiu.

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