Conventional Chinese Drugs (TCM)

One in all our Signature Programs, «The Energy & Science of the Physique, Mind, and Spirit» explores the fundamentals of Oriental Drugs and Conventional chinese medicine language Medication (TCM). Uncover how historic Taoist rules relate to healing the physique. Uncover the ability of Qi (Energy) and the mysteries of Yin and Yang as they relate to the physique, mind, and spirit.

Although his formula for the anesthetic has been misplaced, his distinctive system of acupuncture points remains to be in use. He was additionally a pioneer in recommending exercise as a technique of sustaining wellness. He is quoted as saying «a running stream by no means goes unhealthy,» meaning exercise strikes qi and prevents the stagnation that results in disease.

Beaumont’s Root (Veronicastrum virginicum): Native Americans used this plant as a treatment for a number of ailments including as a laxative, remedy for fainting and treating kidney stones. The root was used as a blood cleanser. It was used for ceremonial purification to cleanse the body by inducing vomiting by drinking tea made from the plant’s dried root. The fresh root is a violent cathartic and possibly emetic, the dried root is milder in its action, however much less sure. The root also gently excites the liver and increases the movement of bile. An infusion has been used in the therapy of diarrhea, coughs, chills and fevers, and likewise to ease the ache of backaches. A tea made from the roots is strongly laxative.

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