How To Play Slots: Tips And Guidelines

Not very long ago, players that played on slots machines were considered to be second-class casino consumers. They weren’t as fancy as the roulette players that would be well suited and had a place in the first class suite of the casino.

Slots machine were far less luxurious than some of the other games inside a casino but were crazy cheap. The jackpots from slot machines were small, their payout percentage was horrendously low and slot players got nothing as a complimentary bonus. While table players got free shows, rooms, and means, slot machine players were treated as casual visitors that weren’t going to contribute much to the casino’s revenue.

However, today, the perception towards slot players and machines has changed. Casinos currently get around 70 percent of their revenue from slot machines, and slot players are no more looked down upon. Most first-time visitors in a casino head to the slot machine rather than a table because they look less complex and you don’t have to converse with an intimidating dealer.

How to Play

While slots aren’t that hard to master or play for that matter, a newbie would still require some explaining to get the dynamics at play here.

The most popular slots in casinos include the nickel and penny video games, along with the dollar and quarter reel-spinning games. There are numerous denominations here, and slot machines can take different sums of money at a time.

Slot machines come with a bill acceptor that will allow you to input your cash inside the machine and see the equivalent credits being displayed on the digital meter on the slot.

For reel-spinning slots, you have to push the button for ‘play one credit’ until you have used all of your credits or the number of coins that you want to be able to pay. Once done, you can hit the ‘spin reels’ option and pull the handle if the slot machine comes with a handle. If the machine comes with a button for ‘play max credits’, you will be better off hitting that button, as this would allow the machine to play the maximum amount for that machine.

For video slots, you have to push a single button to get the number of pay-lines you would like to achieve. After hitting one button, hit the second one to select the number of buttons wagered on every line. You can bet around one to five credits on a pay line, สล็อตเว็บตรง and a common slot configuration has around nine pay-lines.

Reel spinning slot machines come with just one payout line that is duly painted for convenience. There are also some with three or five payout lines, corresponding to the coin played. Common symbols include cherries, double bars, triple bars or bars.

Now that you know a bit more about Slots, it’s time to put your skills in test and start playing.

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