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wholesale nfl jerseys nearly 50 years of classic battles: the raid people have been brilliant

In the 1969 season, since the 10th season, since the establishment of the United States (AFL), cheap nfl jerseys from china four teams broke into the playoffs, respectively, Kansas chieftain, New York jet, Houston, and Auckland raid. Auckland raids and Houston Oil people met in the monsoon, they all wanted to enter the 4th Super Bowl.

The raid people will win, and Fred Biletonikoff (Russian) is taking the four-point DARYLE LAMONICA. Attack and defense transformation, the oil person team has not yet entered the state, and the raid guard george atkinson is successful, and attacks 57 yards. A few minutes later, Lamonica passed the ball Rod Sherman again and got up to the first section, and the Russian came again at the end of the first section. In the second section, Lamonica has passed a 60-bit array. In the first half, the raids have been leading 35: 0.

In the third quarter, Lamonica continued to perform personal performances and twice. October, he completed a total of 6 passes. Of course, the perfect protection of the offensive front line and the defensive group continue to make the opponent’s mistake. In the last section, the two sides complete a running ball to reach, and the score was finalized at 56: 7. Since this season, Lamonica has been very aware, excellent feel, frequently playing the super long code pass, and is therefore known as «the Mad Bomber» & mdash; & mdash; crazy bombers.

The game itself is a situation, and the comprehensive outbreak of Lamonica makes the raid fans. The game Lamonica is only 17 times, 13 passes success, 1 copy, total number of code 276 yards, 6 times to reach. Player George Blanda also played a quarter-free, but only 5 passes 1, 33 yards, but the light kicks attached, and he also made him 8 points. And this substitute quadruple Blanda, which was the first quarter of the Houston Oilman three years ago. His story is more exciting than this game.

George Blanda was born in 1927, and the legendary quartz guard and players, and the career 26 seasons crown. When he retired, the total score is also the most in history. After all, the shot is him. In addition, he still holds the most recorded records.

In 1949, the Chicago bear struck Blanda, $ 600. At that time, he made him a four-guards and players, but occasionally let him appear in the defensive end. Four years later, he gradually emerged, and it would be a team of leaders, but the heavenly talented, and a wounded bun was born, and after the injury, he could only be played as a player.

Because the bear coach only allows Blanda as a player, in 1958 Blanda retired, 1960 recapited the United Unitednly Houston oil person, and again became a four-point guard and player. At that time, there was a comment to ridicule him as «Guolian abandonment», but Blanda led the oil people to win the two champions, and he also won the title of the best quarter-free and player. In the oil man, Blanda has set a lot of records, the most famous of them is 464 yards with single game and 7 reaches of single field.

In 1967, Blanda finally joined the raid. At this time, he was only as a player, with a ball skill. However, his talent in the kick is not a pass difference. With his excellent playing skills, the raid people have fallen into winning in many games. Finally, he retired by the first player of the league.

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