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The «winning order» comes here 4. Introduction to the strategy. 15 X X X 0 00 Now, follow this rules in order to execute the strategy correctly. If you want to know more poker strategy then please visit the Poker Magnet. If you play poker, then you have a true gambling heart and a smart brain. For example: 12 X X X 30 X X X 11 X X X The last 2 spins the ball has stoped on 30 and 11 you have no «X» in the same columns and you should make a free spin. 6 27 X X X 7 X X X The last 2 spins the ball has stoped on 27 and 7 you have «X» in both «Red» and «Odd» columns. There isn’t any. So, in the last 3 spins the ball has been stoping on «Red». For example: 15 X X X If the ball stops on 0 or 00 make a blank row. 30 blank rows for example).

Here is one example for those of you who don t know: The numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 are given. And here comes the betting strategies, which help you win the «unbeatable roulette». Roulette chips are different than normal casino chips due to the fact the player determines the value of their chips, usually the table minimum, and each player has the own color of chip. Each player brings a gift within a set price limit that every other player would enjoy. So one of the eight bet possibilities fades out from the choice of «wanna be a winner» player. Every time you spin the roulette (doesn’t matter if you’ve made a bet or not), you’ll have to enter the winning number in the column «Number» and then make a «X» mark (or some other mark of your choice) in the columns, where this number takes part. Here are all the roulette bets possibilities, chances to win, payoff coefficients and efficient values: N Bet type Chance to win Payoff coeff. 4 can’t understand this, here you’ll find one very nice explanation — The following table is based upon the probability theory and shows how the chance to lose changes with every next bet you place on «Red»: Bet Number Chance to lose 1 52,63 % 2 27,69 % 3 14,57 % 4 7,67 % 5 4,03 % 6 2,12 % 7 1,11 % 8 0,58 % 9 0,30 % 10 0,16 % 11 0,08 % This table is the answer to your question the chance to have nine times in a row no red number is 0,3%. This means that from 1000 times you’ve played with this system, 3 times you will lose and the other 997 you will win.

Why? The «Independent Events» is one chapter of the probability theory. So, now you ask yourself what is the chance to have 9 times no red number? And here comes the probability theory in help. If you or a loved one have a gambling problem, we are here to help. If you haven’t understand that good look here — The betting strategy rely on a simple geometric progression. The poker positions I am about to mention holds good for Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em poker. This gave online poker some of the allure of playing the state lotteries, except a person had the personal satisfaction of winning through cleverness and good tactics (with a fair amount of luck mixed in). 5. The winning system itself. So, this shows that the system isn’t a winning one yet. The system is now a winning one. In the online poker tag of playing winning online poker: speed of bet, call or raise, sizing of your bets and raises. Poker tables are usually made from wood or other sturdy materials. The blind are mandatory bets that are paid by two players at the beginning of each han


p> The small blind is posted by the first player and the big blind by the second. Yes. Every regular player that plays at the roulette for long time will have less money at the end. Despite being more likely to lose, the casino’s average hold from this type of player would be significantly lower than the even-money bettor, because the single number player will on average bet less money (at 5.26% expected loss per dollar bet). Efficient value 1 Straight bet 2,63 % 36 94,7 % 2 Split bet 5,26 % 18 94,7 % 3 Street bet 7,89 % 12 94,7 % 4 Corner bet 10,52 % 9 94,7 % 5 Five-Number bet 13,15 % 7 92,1 % 6 Six-Line bet 15,79 % 6 94,7 % 7 Dozen, Column bet 31,58 % 3 94,7 % 8 Red, Black, Even, Odd, Low, High bet 47,37 % 2 94,7 % May be you’ve noticed that the efficient values of all betting types are under 100%. Does this means that you will always lose from the most fair casino gam


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